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Medical science is always growing and changing and so is Boards and Beyond. Each year we review the new edition of First Aid for the Boards and add new drugs, mechanisms, and other content to our videos. Dr. Ryan also solicits feedback from students to improve the videos, especially those students who have taken Step 1. In addition, we regularly add new sections and videos to our library. Subscribers always have access to the newest, most up-to-date videos. 

Below is a list of recently updated videos, new quiz questions, and new modules (new modules in red).  

3-20-2019: All Gastroenterology videos now have associated quiz questions, with 128 new questions available today. All questions are also available for inclusion in custom quizzes from the main Quizzes page.

8-31-2018: AVNRT (Cardiology); Hypersentivity (Immunology)

8-25-2018: Shock (Cardiology)

8-17-2018: Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Biochemistry)

8-1-2018: Cellular Adaptations (Pathology); Cell Injury (Pathology); Free Radicals (Pathology); Apoptosis (Pathology); Necrosis (Pathology); Inflammation Principles (Pathology); Acute and Chronic Inflammation (Pathology); Granulomatous Inflammation (Pathology); Wound Healing and Scar (Pathology); Pathologic Calcification (Pathology); Neoplasia (Pathology); Signalling Pathways (Endocrinology); Pulmonary Embryology (Pulmonary); Atherosclerosis (Cardiology)

4-19-2018: Carbon Dioxide (Pulmonary); Glycolysis (Biochemistry); Fatty Acids (Biochemistry); Exercise and Starvation (Biochemistry)

3-23-2018: Antiarrhythmic Drugs (Cardiology); Heart Murmurs (Cardiology); Blood Flow Mechanics (Cardiology); B cells (Immunology); Gout (Musculoskeletal)

3-22-2018: CNS Aneurysms (Neurology); Breast Tissue (Reproductive); Pharyngeal Pouches and Clefts (Reproductive)

3-21-2018: Herpes Viruses (Infectious Disease); Staphylococci (Infectious Disease); Special Growth Requirements (Infectious Disease); Coagulation (Hematology); Chronic Leukemias (Hematology)

1-31-2018: Ethanol Metabolism (Biochemistry)

1-18-2018: Bone disorders (Musculoskeletal) 

1-17-2018: NEW: Skin (Dermatology); Epithelial cells (Dermatology); Skin Disorders I (Dermatology); Skin Disorders II (Dermatology); Pigment Disorders (Dermatology); Vascular Lesions (Dermatology); Skin Infections (Dermatology); Skin Cancer (Dermatology); Neurocutaneous Disorders (Dermatology); Blistering Disorders (Dermatology); Hypersensitivity Disorders (Dermatology)

1-11-2018: Amino Acids (Biochemistry)

1-8-2018: Gout (Musculoskeletal)

11-29-2017: Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas (Gastroenterology); Knee (Musculoskeletal); Brachial Plexus (Musculoskeletal); Smooth Muscle (Musculoskeletal)

11-14-2017: New: Child Abuse & Neglect (Psychiatry); Childhood Disorders (Psychiatry); Conditioning and Transference (Psychiatry); Ego Defenses (Psychiatry); ADHD & Autism (Psychiatry); Cognitive Disorders (Psychiatry); Dissociative Disorders (Psychiatry); Eating Disorders (Psychiatry); Sleep Disorders (Psychiatry) 

11-2-2017: NEW: Mood Disorderrs (Psychiatry); Anxiety Disorders (Psychiatry)

11-1-2017: NEW: Psychotic Disorders (Psychiatry)

10-30-2017: NEW: Antipsychotics (Psychiatry)

10-27-2017: NEW: Lithium (Psychiatry); Antidepressants (Psychiatry); Somatic Disorders (Psychiatry); Psychosis (Psychiatry); Personality Disorders (Psychiatry); Alcohol and other Depressants (Psychiatry); Stimulants (Psychiatry); Opioids (Psychiatry); Other Drugs (Psychiatry)

10-11-2017: B-cells (Immunology)

9-27-2107: Renal Embryology (Renal), Nephron Physiology (Renal), Renal Physiology I (Renal), Renal Physiology II (Renal), Renal Endocrinology (Renal)

9-26-2017: Blood Flow Mechanics (Cardiology), Regulation of Blood Pressure (Cardiology), Wiggers Diagram (Cardiology), Venous Pressure Tracings (Cardiology), Cardaic Ischemia (Cardiology), STEMI (Cardiology), UA/NSTEMI (Cardiology), Stable Angina (Cardiology), Heart Murmurs (Cardiology), Heart Sounds (Cardiology), AVNRT (Cardiology), WPW (Cardiology), Valve Disorders (Cardiology), Shock (Cardiology), Pericardial Disease (Cardiology), Endocarditis (Cardiology), Secondary Hypertension (Cardiology), Pregnancy (Reproductive)

8-7-2017: High Yield EKGs (Cardiology); Shock (Cardiology); Pericardial Disease (Cardiology)

7-19-2017: Secondary Hypertension (Cardiology); Valve Disease (Cardiology)

7-6-2017: STEMI (Cardiology)

6-29-2017: Ventilation and Perfusion (Pulmonary); Pulmonary Embolism (Pulmonary)

6-23-2017: Pulmonary Circulation (Pulmonary)

6-20-2017: Immune Deficiency Syndromes (Immunology); Blood Flow Mechanics (Cardiology)

6-19-2017: Fructose and Galactose (Biochemistry)

6-7-2017: Vasculiitis (Immunology)

6-2-2017: Pulmonary Circulation (Pulmonary)

6-1-2017: Electron Transport Chain (Biochemistry), Fatty Acids (Biochemistry)

5-31-2017: Pulmonary Anatomy (Pulmonary); Platelet Disorders (Hematology)

5-26-2017: NEW SECTION: MUSCULOSKELETAL (23 videos)

5-9-2017: Intestinal Disorders (Gastroenterology)

4-17-2017: Rheumatoid Arthritis (Immunology)

4-12-2017: Autonomic Drugs: Acetylcholine (Neurology)

4-7-2017: NEW: Cardiovascular Response to Exercise (Cardiology), Hypertension Drugs (Cardiology), PV Loops (Cardiology), Heart Murmurs (Cardiology), Valve Disease (Cardiology), Chronic Heart Failure (Cardiology), Renal Physiology I (Renal), Renal Physiology II (Renal), Nephron Physiology (Renal), Sodium Disorders (Renal), Electrolyte Disorders (Renal), Diuretics (Renal), Metabolic Acidosis (Renal), Male Reproductive Hormones (Endocrinology), Adrenal Glands (Endocrinology), NEW: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (Endocrinology)

4-6-2017: Colon Cancer (Gastroenterology), Spinal Cord Syndromes (Neurology), Electron Transport (Biochemistry)

4-5-2017: Coagulation (Hematology)

3-30-2017: NEW SECTION: Reproductive (38 videos)

2-1-2017: NEW: Sodium and Water Balance (Renal)

1-13-2017: NEW: Hypoxia (Pulmonary); Ventilation and Perfusion (Pulmonary)

1-5-2017: NEW SECTION: Behavioral Science (6 videos)

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