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Boards & Beyond is committed to being the most complete online resource for USMLE Step 1, and part of that mission is helping you to select additional resources to build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed throughout your academic and medical career.

Reading comprehension and vocabulary skills are important success factors for Step 1 and beyond. Reading textbooks is one of the best ways to strengthen those skills and improve your understanding of the subject at the same time. To help you build an integrated study plan that incorporates textbooks, we have added page numbers from popular textbooks to many Boards & Beyond videos. We also include page number references for First Aid. After watching our videos, read the associated pages in the textbooks below to build an even stronger foundation for Step 1. 


Lange Integrative Medical Biochemistry    Costanzo Physiology   Robbins Pathology   First Aid for the USMLE Step 1


Where do you find the page number references?

Logged-in members can view First Aid page numbers directly below the video title on section pages and in search results. To see whether a video has page number references for a related textbook, look under the expandable Topics list associated with the video. Click the + next to the textbook name to expand and view the page numbers.

Example of a video with associated textbook page numbers.

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