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"I used Boards and Beyond as my primary resource along with UWorld in my term before Step 1. I achieved the top score in my term on the BCSE II exam and scored a 263 on Step 1. Really and truly couldn't have done this without your quality instruction. Thank you so much!" David, St. George's University, Class of 2019


"Boards and Beyond is absolutely the best resource for medical education out there right now. It doesn't burden you with details like Robbins or go light speed like Pathoma. I have recommended it to everyone I know." Jameel, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Class of 2018


"These videos are absolutely amazing. I keep saying it is the Pathoma for everything else. Please, please keep uploading more videos." Daniel, Florida State University College of Medicine, Class of 2018


"Boards and Beyond is honestly the best investment I have made as a second year. It's like Pathoma but for every other subject. The videos are all great but the cardiology section is phenomenal and definitely my favorite." Stephanie, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2018


"The Brainstem video on the Rule of 4s is super helpful. In general, all of Dr. Ryan’s videos are great. There are many topics that I am able to remember very clearly thanks to the simplicity of Dr. Ryan’s explanations. I am seeking a very competitive residency and I am 100% confident that this will help me achieve the Step 1 score I am aiming for. ” – Trudy, Ohio State University College of Medicine, Class of 2019


"I just wanted to send my praises for this amazing resource!  I found your videos 4 days before my exam. I took one last practice exam the day before my real exam after watching the videos nonstop for 4 days and ended up increasing my score by 20 points! I took the real deal the next day and felt so confident. I got my score back and it had increased by 9 points from my last practice exam. I am so thankful for these videos and really really wish I had found them sooner. Thank you so much for this awesome resource! You are amazing!"  Jasmine, University of South Carolina School of Medicine-Greeneville, Class of 2018 


"Boards and Beyond has been very helpful in my studies. I wish I had found your site earlier. The videos lay the foundation for pretty much everything we need to know for our block exams and Step 1.” – Brian, California Northstate University College of Medicine, Class of 2018


"Thank you Dr. Ryan for your amazing teaching. I didn't find your website until my cardiopulmonary block, halfway through second year. However, once I started using it, I couldn't believe how great it was. It was so much clearer than my school's material, and I would have been lost without it. I told the rest of my class about it, and although not all of them tried it, I know the ones that did feel the same way as I do. Now as I'm getting ready for STEP, I know I will do well because I actually understand the material instead of just memorizing it." Justin, The Commonwealth Medical College, Class of 2018


"Thank you for creating a masterpiece for Step 1 exam preparation!" - Ayan, 2nd year medical student. 


"Your site is totally underrated. I used it to prep for my exams in biostats and biochemistry and I scored higher than all my previous scores."  - Max, 2nd year medical student.


"Biochem was my weakest subject until I found your site. I was getting killed on UW questions because it had been so long since first year. I wish I had your videos back then. I tell everyone to use your site for biochem along with First Aid. There is no better way to review the material." - Greg, 2nd year medical student.


"I can honestly tell you that I never understood nephritic and nephrotic syndrome until I watched your videos. I just could not grasp this subject until I saw Dr. Ryan's flowcharts." - Lauren, 2nd year medical student. 


"Biotstats is like the forgotten subject. There are no good resources. Thank you for finally filling this gap." - Yumi, 2nd year medical student. 


"I am so lucky to have found Boards and Beyond! I happened to watch your video on antiarrhythmic drugs on Youtube. Then I visited your website and I have been a big fan ever since. I always get that feeling of 'Oh, that's it!' while watching the videos. I especially appreciate your efforts to introduce how the basic science works in real life to help us understand how to put the textbook theories into practice. Memorizing is a big part of medicine, but I always like to ask, 'Why? Why does it work like this?' Your videos have answered a lot of these questions form me." Olivia, 2nd year medical student.


"This is the fastest way to review biochem for step 1." - Miryam, 2nd year medical student. 


"To say I am obsessed with these videos is an understatement. If Dr. Ryan could teach me all of medical school I would be better for it." - Alix, 2nd year medical student.


"The physiology on your website is outstanding. I don't think you can find a better explanation of the material anywhere." - Mike, 2nd year medical student


"I wanted to send you a quick note to say that Boards and Beyond was one of my top resources throughout the academic year and during my dedicated study period. I watched every section and found them all extremely helpful. Biochemistry specifically was always one of my weakest subjects. With your help, I went into the exam yesterday feeling that it was one of my strengths." - John, 2nd year medical student


"I just wanted to thank you 1,000-times over for the Boards and Beyond website. It is an incredible resource! I wouldn't have learned most of the concepts that we were tested on yesterday if I didn't have your videos. I wish we had more teachers like you!" - Danielle, 2nd year medical student


"I never really understood EKGs until I watched your lectures." - Dan, 2nd year medical student. 


"I'm preparing for USMLE Step 1 now and these modules are a huge help. I wish my school lecturers would have explained things as clearly. Thanks for a great service." - Yonah, 2nd year medical student.


"Thank you so much for these videos. This is like Pathoma for cardiology." - Julia, 2nd year medical student


"By my account your videos are the best to be had. I've looked at your competition. Some have a few good sections, but are lacking in the rest. B&B teaches you relevant board material, and is consistent throughout each section. Bravo. I got a free year account way back by some miracle, but will be purchasing a subscription for my rotations because the videos are high quality (I guess that's the "Beyond" part)." - Philip, 2nd year medical student. 


"I just wanted to let you know that I took my [NBME CBSE] exam and was told by program directors that my score is within the accepted range. I feel the only reason I was able to perform as well as I did was because of your great videos." - Joe, dental student OMF applicant


"There was a murmur question on my Step 1. I had no idea what it was. Then I saw the pulse pressure was increased. I remembered in your videos you said only 3 things do that. Then I reread the question and it all fit with AR. I would have totally guessed on that question if not for your videos and what you taught me about the pulse pressure." - Sarah, 2nd year medical student. 


"It's so nice to have lectures by a clinician who has seen these diseases. Dr. Ryan knows what's important and it comes through in the videos." - Jayne, 2nd year medical student


"Thanks for making Boards and Beyond. It's really helping me through Step 1 now. Thanks for finally helping me understand cardio." - Jason, 2nd year medical student


"Excellent and unique material for Step 1. I have learned so many things using very little time for Step 1. GREAT!!!" - Vivek, medical student


"I use Pathoma. It's great but there are lots of topics not covered especially pharm and physiology. Using B&B plus Pathoma is a great mix." - John, 2nd year medical student 


"There were a TON (maybe 3? 4?) of EKGs on my Step 1. Many of my classmates also noted that their tests were way more EKG heavy than NBME practice tests. I feel like while Pathoma has pathology covered very well, there's a huge gap in coverage of normal physiology/diagnostic tests/pharmacology in all organ systems. Your website was so helpful for filling in those gaps." -Anne, 3rd year medical student


"Thank you so much for all your effort in putting this website together. It reminds me a lot of Khan Academy or Pathoma and is so much easier and clearer to understand than the typical lecture format. The way you have put the videos together is a lot more intuitive for our understanding, rather than just memorizing."- Shirin, 2nd year medical student


"I just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos.  They are extremely helpful.  Every time my school leaves me lost on a subject it all makes sense after reviewing your videos. I describe your videos to friends as just as good as Pathoma but with physiology as well. Really great. "  - Waylon, 2nd year medical student  


"Dr. Ryan has the uncanny ability of making complicated topics easy to understand. The amount of material presented is not overwhelming, yet covers all major areas of a given system. Being a Cardiologist, Dr. Ryan does a great job of simplifying certain poorly taught concepts in most medical schools into memory tools which will stick with you for boards and during rotations. I cannot wait for the site to be complete, so I can use it as my primary resource for board study.” - Sai, 2nd year medical student


"Boards and Beyond was one of the best resources I used in preparing for step 1. Dr. Ryan's style is concise, emphasizes the important points, and is a pleasure to listen to." - Adam, 2nd year medical student


"I am really grateful to have this well taught, accessible and thoughtfully presented information...I know your site will significantly enhance my understanding, and make a positive impact on my future career. Thank you." - Jonathan, 2nd year student


"The biggest feedback I have gotten from friends is that they wish you had everything up before STEP. People really love how you present the material. I am finding the most positive reception to your physiology lectures." - Anil, 2nd year medical student.


"First off thanks so much for these videos, they are amazing. The scope is perfect and the material is presented in a clear, succinct manner." - Daniel, 2nd year medical student.


"These videos are awesome!"" - Robin, 2nd year medical student.


"I love your videos!" - Yvette, 2nd year medical student.


"These videos are clutch." - Mark, 2nd year medical student. 


"Thank you for these great videos!" - Jay, 2nd year medical student.


"Your videos are great!" - Ethan, 2nd year medical student. 


"Just wanted to say that I'm currently preparing for the Step 1 (20 days left!) and I stumbled across your videos. I joined the site, and the videos are fantastic." - Alpen, 2nd year medical student


"Thank you so much Dr. Ryan! These are intensely helpful!" - Chindhuri, 2nd year medical student


"I just wanted to let you know that I thought B&B was an excellent resource. I especially enjoyed your lectures regarding CHF and arrhythmias, both very complex subjects that you broke down quite easily." - Alex, 2nd year medical student


"The videos are really excellent. The EKG method you present makes a lot more sense to me than what I was taught previously and is honestly more in line with what I've seen other clinicians do. The HF video also has that great section on 'typical patient course' which is huge for anyone trying to get a jump on third year or review for their sub-I (aka me). I'd say this section is what is really lacking in review books and textbooks in all subjects. 'What does this usually look like, what happens to these patients and why?' You clarify some things that have eluded explanation the past three years." - Chris, 4th year medical student.