Step 2-3-Clinical is on the Way!

Step 2-3-Clinical is on the Way!

It's still in process, but we are pleased to announce that a new Boards and Beyond video series in on the way! Our new product, Step 2-3-Clinical, will cover clinical medicine topics for your rotations plus the USMLE Step 2 and 3 exams. The design will be the same as the Step 1 content you love - short videos by Dr. Ryan with associated USMLE-style practice questions. Each video will correspond to a section in our book, White Coat Companion, so you can read along and take notes as you watch.

We anticipate release in the second half of 2020, and you can get a preview of the new Step 2-3-Clinical video on Acute Renal Failure here!

After you've watched the sample, here are answers to some of the questions you may have:

Will it be a separate product?
Yes - we will continue to offer Step 1 in its current format, and Step 2-3-Clinical will be available for purchase separately.

What will be included?
Dr. Ryan has been recording new Step 2-3-Clinical videos as quickly as he can, so there will be several full video sections included at launch. We will keep adding videos and quiz questions over the next few months until both the video library and question bank are complete.

When will it launch?
Because there are a lot of moving parts involved in this launch, we're still narrowing down the exact date, but it will definitely be in the second half of 2020. Keep an eye on the newsletter and social media for further updates over the next few months!
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