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Here's a sample video from our gastroenterology section. In this one, Dr. Ryan takes you through bile composition, bile acids, and many related disorders. Check it out, and see how you can study smarter for the USMLE Step 1 exam.

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Searching for videos just got easier!
When you're logged in, you will now see a search box in the upper right of the screen, a new format for video list pages, and a new expandable field labeled "Topics" that contains all of the index terms associated with that video. Type a keyword into the search box, and the results will include matches in the video title, topics, and even First Aid pages! Each matching term will be highlighted in yellow to make it easy to find the exact videos you're looking for.
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All 20 sections now have questions!
As of 7/29/19, all 20 Boards & Beyond topics have questions, including all 23 of the Musculoskeletal videos and 16 of the reproductive videos. The question bank is up to 2,184 USMLE Step 1-style questions, and there will be more soon as we finish up the final Reproductive videos.
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