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Video loading fix

March 5, 2020 10:00 am EST: FIXED Some members were having trouble loading videos, and we have identified the source of the issue. There is a severe issue in the network infrastructure of, a large network provider in the US and Europe, which also affects the CDN for our videos in some regions. We have implemented a workaround and all of you should be able to view videos as normal now. Thank you for your patience! READ MORE

Using QBanks Before Step 1

"Here’s a scenario I am asked about a lot: It’s a month before Step 1 and a student is doing lousy on UWorld questions.  Or sometimes a student tells me they just took a NBME practice test and dropped from their previous score. Step 1 is getting closer and panic sets in. What should the student do? Bump their test date out a few weeks? Find a new resource? Maybe just quit medicine all together?" Read the rest here: READ MORE

"Boards and Beyond was one of the best resources I used in preparing for Step 1."